Saturday, November 8, 2014

Step right up and try again.....

Life has been busy...

So many balls so little time!

Too many kisses!!

Anderson is growing entirely too fast, and he is such a happy baby.  I had suspended the blog instead of closing it up because-

Our surrogacy journey is not over

When we were in India picking up Anderson, I underwent IVF. At the time we transferred one blastocyst embryo.

Just one embryo because we had a newborn and were not ready or equipped for the possibility of twins

Now the good news: We have 4 more blastocysts waiting for us at SCI - 4 beautiful blastocyst

So this means our chances are pretty good, and we are optimistic

Yeah, because I soooo want a brother or sister!


So here we are - Frozen blastocysts and on the road for a new journey….