Thursday, January 31, 2013

Triple marker test came back:
 (That is three normals if you're counting)

  In the U.S., we have these infomercials for a product called the “Wax Vac”.  The whole idea of this product is that it is a vacuum that sucks wax out of your ear. The commercial goes on to talk about how dangerous Q-tips are and what not. Every time I see this commercial I think or say "What kind of idiot doesn’t know how to use a Q-tip?". Well, the kind of idiot who is 5’6', lives in Texas, writes on a blog called “mydreamsareinfaroffplaces” and manages to puncture her eardrum with a Q-tip.
 So I go to the emergency room. I'm completely embarrassed to admit that I don’t even know that if blood is coming from my ear that I should just go to the ER…. Nope, gotta check the internet.  After Google says "Get your ass to the emergency room”,  I head down, only to be more embarrassed when I have to explain what I have done.  After a great wait, I eventually make my way to the back and the doctor gives me this intense lecture about how bad and irresponsible it is to use these simple little cotton balls on a stick.  Then after the scornful lecture, I kid you not - he cocks his head, looks down, and smoothes out his voice in that Matthew McConaughey, gotta love Texas men accent and says “but I still use them”.  I was in so much pain that I bit my tongue in an attempt to not laugh out loud.


I knew before the whole Q-tip debacle that my telescope and a few other potential hazards have got to find themselves new homes in the attic. But now I have been scrutinizing my house with much more fervor because if a Q-tip can be dangerous to an adult, what damaging pitfalls must my house reveal to a baby? And on the spectrum of "Warwick Castle Dungeon" to "Bellvue Padded Room", I would like our home to fall closer to the latter.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


16 weeks and we hear that baby and tummy mummy are doing well.

Heart rate measures 154 (Is anyone thinking it's a girl????) 

Nitty gritty:The baby is measuring right on schedule as normal with no apparent abnormality.  The placenta is low lying, but not previa. Cervical length is 32mm.

I can't wait to meet our little guy or girl!

Friday, January 11, 2013

A cradle reveal…. Why not, the nursery has a way to go….

Along with the cutest security system!

This cradle has a great deal of meaning to me, my husband bought it. I adore it and have decorated it with things that hold a great deal of sentiment.

My husband’s family is of English heritage and I wanted to reflect this with the English damask and lace. My family is of Irish and Native American heritage. My parents purchased the blanket for the cradle while they were in Ireland - thanks Mom and Dad!  I hung a dream catcher from the top; it's traditional for Choctaws to hang these over a cradle or child’s bed so that bad dreams will be caught in the web and good dreams allowed to flow through and onto the child. Hopefully, he/she will love his/her little place as much as I do and have lots of sweet dreams.