Saturday, February 14, 2015

Good news and bad news

Bad news: BFN

Good news: We have one blastocyst and one day 5 morula that the clinic is transferring on Monday.

Andy Update
Growing so fast. He loves soccer and plays what they call "kitten" soccer. It's really fun and cute to watch them.  He has such a cheerful little disposition, smiling most of the time. I must admit I loved the baby "phase", but life with a toddler is so energetic and fun. Life really does get better and better.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The trigger of the official starting pistol has been pulled - and we are off to a GREAT start!
We have a very talented doctor, a beautiful young surrogate, two blastocysts, medical visas, and lots of fingers being crossed.

We received our profile and bio of the woman who will potentially carry our baby, and she is lovely! Such a beautiful kind smile. I won't share her pictures or name out of respect for her privacy, but trust me when I say she is lovely. 

The procedure is scheduled for this week, and we are excited to begin!