Saturday, June 15, 2013


We have been packing, packing, packing, and then repacking. Hubby was a sweetheart and grabbed some uber-decadent Cheesecake Factory for dinner. We took a break and watched The Hunger Games while eating our cheesecake. I am not exactly sure what that says about us, but I don't think it's good. Anyways -  GREAT movie...I feel like the last person on earth to see it, but on the plus side I don't have to wait that long for the sequel.  
What am I going to take....(baby-wise, my knickers are not of interest)
 276 to be exact, all size newborn. If there is one thing I found impossible to track down while I was on a reconnaissance mission for baby goods in India, it was newborn size diapers. I found Size 1 at a store in the M block. But newborn diapers were nowhere...
This is tough - with so many choices, it is hard to nail down what to use. I went with Enfamil Premium Newborn but really only because it was what my pediatrician recommended, and I got loads of free samples.
We're taking 1 case of the 2oz nursettes and half a dozen 8oz powder canisters. I think this seems like a lot, but I would rather have too much than too little. If you haven't already registered with the formula companies, you can do it online and I highly recommend it.  I do know that some IPs have purchased and used the formula in India with great success. We just didn't want to have to switch when we got home.
3. Bottles
 Playtex drop-ins -  these are fanfabulafrickingtastic <- not in the dictionary don't look it up.
If you live in a place that sells these, run (don't walk) and purchase them for India. So you drop in a liner, then insert a nipple, screw on a ring and voila. As a bonus, the liners are disposable. Now for the best part: the bag mechanism of it all keeps air out of baby's tummy.
So why are parents of the world not tossing regular bottles, and all bowing to the royal greatness that is Playtex drop-ins. Because, my friends, when our sweet little dears get older they throw things and their ammunition of choice is the bottle. And Playtex drop-ins make a crazy mess when tossed. But for India it's not a problem since newborns don't play toss yet. 
We are also bringing a dozen of the disposable Enfamil nipples for the nursettes. They say they are disposable, but you can wash and reuse them a few times. I have not seen these sold in stores, but are available online for roughly $1.00 (USD) a piece.
4. Clothing
 0-3 mo. sizes  - my baby outgrew newborn sizes at 35 weeks :)
10  onesies
8 sleep gowns
8 footed sleepers  
5 pants
12 pair of socks
4 bows (we still don't know if it is a  girl or not and a girl can not be without her bow)
6 gender neutral hats
5 bibs
6 Halo swaddle sleep sacks (this is possibly overboard, but I have been given them as hand-me- downs from friends who swear by them)
5. Cleaning
Medela sanitizing bags - I used these when I was pumping; they are fantastic and take up no room in the suitcase
Munchkin pacifier wipes
Organic hand sanitizer
Box of zip-lock bags
Trash bags that supposedly block scent - some hotels don't  provide bags in the bins and with diapers need I say more...
I will buy the soaps and what not when in India
6. Misc.
Grooming kit with aspirator, small tweezers etc.
4 blankets (I plan to purchase a few more while in India)
1 diaper bag
5 burp cloths
2 bath towels
6 baby wash cloths
1 Phil and Ted's cocoon, I got a red one :)
And a partridge in a pear tree....
Disclaimer: The disposable items (diapers, liners, and nipples) are not very good for the environment. But given the constraints of a hotel room, one must balance responsibility to the earth with responsibility to sanitation. We definitely plan to limit the use of these uber-convenient items once we return home.


  1. Thanks for the advice and doing the research for us! We have a long way to go before we start packing, but this is helpful for future reference! Safe travels!

  2. Thanks for sharing your list. We have started looking into these things and I'm taking notes. Loved the ending "And a partridge in a pear tree...." LOL

  3. Can't believe it is that time already! We are so excited for you both - safe travels!! I can't think of anything you are missing - and totally agree with taking that much formula. We ran out and it was a pain in the rear to get some more.

  4. thank you for the list. So excited for you two! What a beautiful journey! We are also IP expecting in Nov. Would you let us know contact info for lawyer as we are thinking about going about the same route. - Amy (

  5. Wow, you are super well-prepared! Unless your PJs are those with the glove-sleeves, you may need to get some gloves, full term baby tend to have long and thin sharp nails. Woohoo....I m so excited for you!

  6. Hi we used Playtex drop in's and completely agree with your new word!!!!!!
    It is so exciting!!!!!! Cant wait for little one to appear!!!!! Best wishes!!!

  7. Drop INs are THE best and easiest for India, and the nipples are very friendly to newborns and preemies. Jayden LOVEs that nipple, hated the other ones we had. Aidan went right for the other ones we had. Plus, you can sterilize the nipples in a cup of boiling water instead of constantly washing the bottles and then sending them to be sterilized or putting them in the micro.

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