Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tickets in Hand

We have tickets! We have visas! We have an appointment to meet the lovely Dr. Shivani! My mom offered to go with me to India! Yeah, Mom! My mother’s visa went off without a hitch, and had hers back in seven days. Mine, on the other hand, didn’t quite go so smoothly. It took a minute to notice they had put a different surname on the visa.  This is a very big deal because they won’t let you in the country unless you are you on all of your documents. So thanks to the good people at Travisa all was handled and they corrected the mistake, but these things still take time. SCI was more than reasonable about putting off treatment for the next cycle to allow the time for this to get corrected. So for me the entire visa process took 6 weeks. But I have it now, and I’m legal and ready to go to New Delhi which will be in a little over three weeks! J  It’s so soon, and now with plane tickets in hand it feels real. I am so happy and excited to get started.  

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  1. So great to hear the excitement in your post! I just got back and had a great time. You hear good things about Dr. S but to meet her in person was truly an honour. Plus meeting the other clients and making new friends was an unexpected bonus. Can't wait to hear about your experience and look forward to following your blog!