Wednesday, May 15, 2013

32 Weeks


Sorry, I'm a bit late with the 32 week update. But the report came last week, and almost everything is perfect in the comfortable normal category.

Baby's head is almost full term and still measuring large.
Should I  dare say "his" head?

A large head circumference with a significantly lower biparietal diameter measurement will present with a lower cephalic index. Ours is 68 which is below normal, but not so low as to be scary.
 Early on in this pregnancy, we took up residence in the normal zone, put our feet up, unbuttoned our pants  and got really comfortable. This abnormal territory is unknown. The clinic reassured us that there is nothing to worry about. But as parents,  worry warts is kind of our moniker.

Worrying is our thing
 It is what we do...

 A CI measurement below 70 is known as Dolichocephaly -  a condition where the head is long. It is rarely harmful to brain development, and it can be simply caused by genetics. Which is why as of late, my interactions with my husband all end with him lamenting "Quit staring at my head"

So why do I think we are having a boy?

Dolichocephaly is 3 times more likely to effect boys than girls.

The old wives tale says a heart rate under 140 is a boy
Baby is almost 5 pounds at 31+5 gestation

We all know calling things prematurely ALWAYS bodes well.

Well, maybe not
So I guess it is still too early to call , but you have to admit their is a lot of evidence pointing to Team Blue...
For IP's, here is a little handy dandy growth percentile calculator



  1. Yeah~~ 8 more weeks to go! Hmmm...all signs point to a boy :-) I think I will put my chips on BLUE! Lol

  2. Can't wait to hear whether it is a boy or a girl! Our little boys had heart rates in the 150s. I was sure they were girls but surprise - surprise - outdoor plumbing (as my grandma used to say ;-)

  3. I always think, bigger head and it's a boy. The Heart rate wives tale is just that.
    Best wishes for the birth :)

  4. Oh I can't wait to find out. If you think your baby's a boy, I think he's a boy! We'll find out soon!!

  5. Great post! To go against trend tho I'm going Team Pink! Ha ha ONE of us will be right!! XX

  6. It's great to know that all is well with the recent scan. Best wishes!