Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One Week Down

I have learned a great deal about myself during the first week of my two week wait. I am evidently slightly obsessive (OK, so maybe this isn’t exactly new news). I keep Googling “two day transfers with 4 cell embryos” as if Google is going to come up with some relatively new information at any moment. 

What I have learned in my obsessive Googling: Many medical professionals believe the best place for the embryos to develop is in the uterus, and two day transfers are early transfers that get those embies in the best place they can be. Four cells embryos are exactly where you want your embryos to be 48 hours post retrieval. That is all very positive news, and I am optimistic. BUT either you are pregnant or you’re not and I soooo want pregnancy.  And would it be entirely selfish to wish that both tummy mummys could have a singleton pregnancy?   That both kids are always healthy, they say please and thank you, graduate summa cum laude, and become the kind of adults who recycle? We are wishing right?
The first week of the two week wait was spent in India and traveling home. It was a bit of strange route home: New Delhi to Singapore - Singapore to Korea - Korea to California - then finally California to sweet old Texas.  The 38 hour trip was all worth it, and my incredibly sexy husband met us at the airport with flowers, jewelry, and cupcakes.  Normally we are not ones for PDA, but we hadn’t seen each other in three weeks…so after the baggage carousel love fest of 2012, we headed home. I missed him so much! We have been together now for 15 years. I feel so old saying it. But the truth is we were just kids when we first met. I can’t imagine taking this ride through life without him.  And as crazy as this two week wait is, I cannot express how glad I am to be back home with him. 



  1. Sending sticky baby wishes your way!!

  2. Thinking of you as you wait! The last week is THE WORST!!!
    (here from cyclesista)