Friday, October 5, 2012


I've had a few of the injections now. Dr. Shivani put me on 400g of Repronex and Puregon. From what I understand, the Repronex is to stimulate the follicles. The Puregon is to prevent premature ovulation. So far it has been relatively easy. I kind of chickened out on giving myself the shots. I tried – ok, so by "trying", I mean I had the intention of giving myself the shot, but then the nurse asked if I wanted her to stick me  instead  and that I could just come to the clinic everyday and not deal with that scary needle myself.  I jumped on that like a cheerleader on a trampoline.  

The shots themselves haven’t been so bad. They just burn a bit going in, kind of like a bad bee sting. Some time ago a friend recommended to another friend going through IVF that she buy some maternity jeans to wear. I have no idea how or why I remembered that, but am so glad I did.   Since the shot is given in your stomach it is nice to not have anything binding on that area.  Anyway, it was such great advice, I thought I would pass it on. But I have to admit it's a little ironic to be wearing maternity jeans while going through surrogacy treatment.

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