Saturday, October 6, 2012


I was really nervous going in for my IVF Cycle - Day 8 (Stim day 5) ultrasound. I had some symptoms the night before that had me completely convinced I was prematurely ovulating. I laid down on the bed for the scan and in very "woe is me" fashion, I told Dr. Shivani that all is lost - I am ovulating. I didn’t exactly bring my hand to my forehead, but I might as well have. Dr. Shivani smiled and told me that I am not ovulating and the symptoms that are similar to ovulation can be brought on by the rise in Estrogen.  The poor doctor deals with hormonal women all day and I have a stinking suspicion she might get this reaction frequently. Fantastic! I am sure my mother would have wished this information was known the night before, as I spent the evening recollecting all my baby dreams that have crashed and burned in such a dramatic fashion that Meryl Streep would have blushed. All is not lost, and the Day 8 ultrasound looks promising. In fact, it appears we should get 16 eggs which is two more than initially expected. According to, it is just enough to put me in the higher success rate threshold– I’ll take it!

Estradiol  - 821

LH  - 1.75

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  1. Oh what a rollercoaster this journey is. So glad things are moving along exactly the way they should. Sending positive vibes from the states.